Creating award-winning fibre and yarn from our heritage Romney, Corriedale, and CVM/Romeldale sheep and Angora goats

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Close up photo of lustrous dark brown Romney roving

Batts, Roving, and Mohair Locks

We have an assortment of Disdero Ranch fibre all in rich natural... 

  • Exciting things are happening at Disdero Ranch!

    From the sheep in our field to spun wool in your hand, enjoy the experience of a local sheep farm and yarn store.

    Yarn & Fibre Shop Opening

    June 2024 - Stay Tuned!

  • "I’m head over heels for Disdero Ranch’s Roram Bulky. I think it’s the perfect and TRUE bulky weight yarn."

    Kate, Knitmotif Designs on Ravelry
    See Kate's Love Sunday Cardigan 
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