Our Goats


On Disdero Ranch, our Angora goats are busy growing mohair and clearing brush.

​The Angora goat originated in what is now known as Turkey dating back to 1451 BC. Red kid on haystackThey were introduced into the United States in 1849 and were breeding in Canada by 1918.

They are a horned goat in both sexes and are renowned for their warm and lustrous mohair coat. It is soft and durable and referred to as “nature’s nylon” because of its strength. Our Angoras grow ringlet coats in all the natural colours – from black to silvery grey, white, brown, and red. Their yield of fibre is high with two clippings a year. The does usually give birth to a single kid a year and, infrequently, twin and triplet kid births. Their charming, curious, and playful personalities give us at least one good laugh a day.

One-day-old kid with Angora goat doe

Angora goats, however, are a delicate domesticated animal and are extremely delicate at birth. Because of their declining numbers in Canada, the Angora goat is a rare breed considered “vulnerable” on the Rare Breeds Canada guide. At Disdero Ranch, we are putting our efforts into the conservation of our Angoras to help keep Earth healthy while creating the most wonderful fibre.


Three baskets displaying washed mohair locks in white, dark and light greyInterested in adding mohair to your spinning or needle felting projects? We have washed mohair locks in a variety of natural colours.
Yarn lovers, we got you covered! Our shop carries Mohair and Mohair blend yarns created from Disdero Ranch fibre (of course).