About Us

The Shepherdess

Shepherdess holding newborn Angora kid with dog and mountain in background
Laurie Morris was born in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and grew up in North Vancouver’s Lynn Valley. As a kid, she grew up with horses in the backyard, making her “a country city kid” of sorts. Laurie completed her diploma in Animal Health Technology in Fairview, Alberta, and pursued a career working with horses on breeding farms and racetracks. She eventually returned to British Columbia to work with the BC Racing Commission as a Blood Gas Analysis Technician.

A New Beginning

One of Laurie's dreams was to own property - it’s something she feels she inherited from her mother’s Saskatchewan genes - so when the opportunity arose to purchase land along the North Thompson River, she jumped at the chance. She completed the provincial Environmental Farm Plan and started small by raising a few Berkshire pigs. Soon after, two Great Pyrenees dogs joined the ranch and the rescue of Josh the Jack Russell came next.

The Ranch

Laurie purchased a small flock of orphan Corriedales, and she quickly discovered her passion in sheep husbandry. She added white and coloured Romney ewes and a Romney ram to the flock and from there began concentrating her efforts toward raising dual-purpose sheep to grow her fine wool. Then one fine day a special addition joined the flock. It was JJ, the CVM/Romeldale ram. His fleece was entered into the 2013 All-Canadian Classic Sheep Show held in Barriere, BC... and won 1st prize in his category. This opened the doors to everything sheep, fleece, fibre, and yarn, and Disdero Ranch was officially established.


The Assistant

Woman sitting under tree knitting in sheep pasture

Mona was hired in 2018 and has been feverishly knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, swatching, felting, dyeing, and experimenting with great excitement using Disdero Ranch's yarn and fibre ever since. She is the Fibre Assistant to Disdero Ranch "but so much more" as Laurie says. For the most part, Mona works behind the scene, but you can chat with her in our fibre show booths where she loves to see what everyone is wearing and gush over customers' finished objects.