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Roving: Romo Pin Drafted

Roving: Romo Pin Drafted

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Our Brown Romo Pin-Drafted Roving is composed of 80% brown Romney wool and 20% grey mohair. Beginner to master spinner can jump right in with its thinner strips and organized fibres. Hand spin lightweight Lopi-style singles or draft the fibres out and make a finer yarn in singles or multi-plied.

But don't stop at spinning. Knit or crochet a super warm and lofty project using pin-drafted roving "as is". Compliment your yarn with it - thrummed mittens and slippers, anyone? Or add extra texture in a weaving project and use the pin-drafted roving as your weft.

Our pin-drafted roving was created using undyed homegrown fibres, local labour, and a BC artisan mill. We are very proud to sell this as a fibreshed product.

$24 for 112g / 4oz

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